February Reflections

View of downtown

Hi everyone!

After the 79 days in February, we are finally in the month of March.  However, due to the number of things I had to complete in February, I was not able to go discovering as much this month. My assignments and classes have not allowed me to see road. Every time, I remind myself that nobody sent me back to school. Nobody. I sent myself.

I did go to a few places (because one has to move), and most of these outings were in gatherings with free food (sense will not kill me). I also took on the task of learning a new language! I am so excited about it, however, it is pretty difficult because of all the rules. But we go dey alright. My school has a programme called USpeak, where you teach a language to people (usually one partner, but I have two partners) and they reciprocate by teaching you a language as well.


I mentioned valentine’s day in my last post. As predicted, after my presentation, I came back home. That day was also the premiere of Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) Season 6 Episode 1, a show I follow on youtube. My friend and I ordered pizza, chicken, fries and soda and watched SGIT as our valentine/ post-presentation celebration. Afterwards, I slept the sleep that comes when one has overeaten. This life is only one, and I did not come to suffer.

image from youtube

My department had an exhibition in one of their galleries, so I attended that. It showcased the curated thoughts and works of some students under a particular supervisor. I also volunteered for a school program called Design Matters where professionals in the industry come and give thought-provoking lectures. I went for lunch with friends and we went to The Park Kitchen + Bar. I did not order anything new because the time was precious as we all had to get back to our previous engagements(sorry guys). I didn’t really want to dawdle over the menu and waste time, so I settled for something familiar- fish and chips- and it was really nice. I had two pieces of fish, and each one was a sizable thickness. It took me a while to get through the food. I also had like a little hang out session with some friends. I made shawarmas for everyone and then we went to watch Sonic the hedgehog at the cinema.


This month was one of realization and academic focus because things became more complex both academically and in other aspects of my life.  At school, more foreign concepts were being introduced and it took some time to fully grasp them. Another thing was this month was when it dawned on me that winter was not a one-time thing. As someone coming from a very tropical country, the winter was new to me. Having to go about my daily activities some weeks were very tasking because of the cold. I was well covered ( affliction will not arise a second time), but the mere notion of wearing so many layers was tiring. One of the things that has kept me levelheaded is the warmth of my apartment whenever I return home. It always feels like “ah! sanity!”, and I am extremely thankful for it.

This post feels very serious (ish) and I apologize for that. Life is just one kind yunno. The take home lessons for today will be to cherish all the moments we have with family, friends and loved ones. This is because our time on earth is unpredictable and at any given time, anything can happen. Also, life is too short to focus on the negatives. Forge new connections, dance in front of your mirror and in public if you want, but remember to live life to the fullest. Finally, be kind to one another.


Till next post,


4 Replies to “February Reflections”

  1. I thought I was the only one that felt February was waaaaay longer than January🤭🤭🤭

    It seems it was a really busy month indeed. I hope you get to travel more in March.

    Thanks for the advise as well. Will definitely run with it😁😁😁

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