Esther’s Amazing 25th

Hello Everyone!

Now, one very important thing about me is that I think my birthday should be a national holiday- or at least a personal one. I love my birthday so much, not necessarily because of the celebrations as I hardly do any, but because the day makes me excited and makes me count my blessings. I also love the love I receive on the day, and as someone who loves messages and notes, those are usually the best parts of the day for me. I also celebrate in my own little way, for example, I always wear new items on my birthday. When I was in secondary school and I had to wear uniforms, I always wore new socks, and sometimes new shoes/ sandals. It is a personal tradition that makes me so happy because it adds to the excitement for the day for me. Naturally, this would mean that my 25th would be a big deal for me.

For my 25th last fall, I initially wanted to go on a trip, but due to COVID, things did not go as planned. I then decided to make it my birth weekend because… I could. The preparations made me so excited, and I began to set things in motion. I had previously set my eyes on an outfit that I saw on a close friend on her birthday and with her permission, I ordered the same outfit in a different colour. I had also had another outfit made by another designer which I saved for my birth weekend as well. On the Friday of my birth weekend, I went to watch Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings with friends and colleagues. This was not part of the celebrations but it kickstarted the weekend for me and just flowed well with it because I love watching movies especially at the cinema, and I absolutely love Marvel movies. At this point, I believe I have contributed a huge amount to Marvel’s sales because I have faithfully gone to the cinema for all their movie releases since I got involved with them.

On Saturday the D-Day, I could barely sleep- I was just too excited. I had dinner with some friends planned for Saturday evening. Messages started coming in from about 5pm MDT (about midnight WAT) and with every passing hour, my excitement kept growing. I spent the morning doing mundane things and responding to messages, and around 4pm I went to get ready for my dinner. My friend did my makeup and another amazing friend ensured I was outside. I wore a two-piece made by a wonderful Nigerian designer called Udoaku.

Everyone treated me like a queen- it was a fantastic feeling. I had my birthday dinner at the Cattle Baron Steakhouse and Bar because it was one of the few places that I wanted that could seat the number of people I had invited. I got there at least 20 minutes late and some people were already waiting though- I was really hoping they would not cancel my reservation. It was so nice to be among friends, especially as I had not seen some physically in a long time due to COVID. The dinner went well, everyone sang for me when they brought the dessert with “Happy Birthday” on it, and everyone went out of their way to make me feel extra special.

I wanted to go for bubble tea after, but it had been a very long day. I got home at about 11pm but I could not sleep as I was still very excited and I replied to messages and received calls. I also had to prepare for Sunday as it was part two of my birthday weekend.

For the Sunday portion of my birthday, I had food catered for church and ordered a cake to take pictures at church and share.

My friend did my makeup again- God bless her. I got to church quite late though because I was fatigued and had tried to sleep. After Sunday service I took pictures with people at church with my cake. For my Sunday outfit, I also had it made by another wonderful Nigerian designer called TVKThe Victoria King. For this outfit, I sent my measurements to the designer and it was made in absentia. I also got the outfit inspiration and designer from the same friend I saw outfit one on.

After church service in the evening, my family friends graciously allowed me to use their house and had some more food catered, so I had a barbecue with a few other friends as well. I barbecued for the first time and it was really fun. It was a bit chilly because of the fall weather, but it was good nonetheless.

I had so many people sacrifice their time, energy, resources and everything to shower me with love throughout that weekend and I am super thankful for them and for the care they showed. I had the best time and I looked and felt amazing, and I will never forget it. Granted I had minimal sleep of my own doing, but I would not have had it any other way.

I got flowers!

Cheers to many more wonderful experiences with loved ones!


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