The Nutcracker and Other Stories

The view from my window
My View

Hello hello hello!

Welcome to the month of love! Immediately after the Christmas season stores wasted no time in whipping out their valentine merch. My valentine’s day this year will include a class project presentation during the day and popcorn and Netflix at night. These stores and social media cannot tension me.

We move!

Reiterating my previous post, let me recount how I spent my holiday. So, this was my first Christmas away from my family. I admit I was quite homesick, what with recalling previous Christmases and all. However, my church and friends made it memorable. Also, thank God for the invention of video calling applications like Whatsapp. I am grateful for all they do. *Insert prayer hands emoji*.

Card for Christmas
Tis the season

I had a huge presentation on the final day of the semester, after which, everyone including our professors and some of our jurors went out to Cold Garden Beverage Company. Cold Garden is the most eccentric place I have ever been to.  From the location and exterior / interior designs to the rules, everything is a careful curation of eclectic qualities. The owners aimed to create a relaxation spot for people to be themselves. It is a bring-your-own-food kind of place, but drinks, specifically beer, are sold. Located beside a goods rail line, the whole establishment is an experience that includes the art and the furniture. Oh, and dogs are allowed inside but not on the furniture.


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cold garden

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I went with my flatmate to see the Nutcracker ballet. This was my first formal ballet experience and it was beautiful. Prior to this, I had only seen children’s ballet performances. The show went on for about 2 hours and every part of it was engaging. There was an intermission which divided the show into two parts. There was a princess in a winter sleigh taking pictures with people outside the hall. My plan was to go and line up with the 5  to 10-year-olds taking pictures, but I saw there was a charge I was not willing to pay, so I stepped out. You cannot shame the shameless. When I grow up and have money I want to make this a tradition because apparently, different locations have different twists to the ballet.

Later in the holiday, I went to cinemas where I watched Frozen 2 and Jumanji 2. I. Love. Frozen. Every time I sight Frozen merch, I begin to question my priorities. “Is food necessary this month?” There I am, willing to compromise to purchase anything with Princess Anna and Elsa’s faces. My favourite stores in the entire world are the Disney Store and the Lego Store. One time my friend had to literally drag me out because I was about to purchase tiny Frozen dolls.

Behold, my life.

Also, once you try the cinemas with reclining seats and footrests, you can never go back to the basics. Down with normal cinema chairs! Those reclining chairs are the next best thing since pasta.

I also visited people and went out for dinners with friends. I ate at the Keg Steakhouse + Bar (shout out to my friend who footed the bill). I had their calamari as an appetizer (it was a 3-course meal) and it was well done. Crispy and plentiful, I did not regret my decision. The ambience of the space was calming, with low lights and mirrors well placed. I went to Barcelos as well to get a semi taste of home.  Trust me to have found a shawarma spot. I now make my own shawarma whenever I feel like, but someone referred Jerusalem Shawarma and I tried it out. The shawarma was a hit. There were other smaller food runs, but these are the three that stood out.

The Keg
The calamari extravaganza

On Christmas day my church held a lunch and there was so much food. I really admired the initiative because it brought people together and provided a place for people to celebrate the holidays with. I spent the rest of the day sleeping because rest is essential.

In January I went ice skating with some friends (friends are vital, guys) and I fell on my behind. Mind you, I was using these walker-like learning apparatuses because your girl cannot skate. These two good samaritans helped me get up. I still enjoyed it though, and I am definitely determined to learn; I just have to buy my own skate shoes and helmet because cumulative renting is expensive. Deep breath guys; I am about to pass knowledge across. SO, if you fall while ice skating, get up by going on all fours and ascending slowly. Do not try to stand facing forward. You will fall again. I repeat you will fall again. Take it from me- I have walked so you all can run. No thanks necessary; I do my part for humanity.

These were the highlights…I also went shopping (window shopping still counts as shopping) and for some light shows. School has begun and the hustle continues. Christmas moose

I hope you enjoyed reading this!  Till next time,

*Insert peace emoji* Bye!

12 Replies to “The Nutcracker and Other Stories”

  1. Great! Apart from the very enthralling nature of the post, I am fascinated by the poetic incandescence of grammar you inherited from me….”careful curation of eclectic qualities”😎
    Your published book is not too far in coming…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi hi hi!

    I got a kick out of every bit of this post – it was very engaging for me *inserts laughing emoji*.

    Your ballet experience was a really good one with some of your lessons learned too.
    Did I mention your love for Frozen is a BIG reveal???
    I guess there’s a lot to be done once you grow up and have plenty of money.

    I have also noted the cinema with reclining seats because I’m not taking these recommendations for granted haha!

    Btw, anyone who is reading of your skating adventure would agree that you have done humanity a great favour! *inserts laughing emoji*

    In all, it’s a good thing the holidays wasn’t a dull one considering you were away from home. A breather from an intense semester is always a welcome idea!
    I can’t wait for the next post already!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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