Visiting Medicine Hat


Can we take a moment to appreciate my consistency so far this year? I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing.

On one of the days last fall, I went on a trip to another city with some colleagues. We went to Medicine Hat, a city about three hours drive from Calgary. We left Calgary at a little after 7am because we had to get there in time for meetings. In my opinion the trip was longer than 3 hours, but I cannot categorically tell you where we passed or what was on the road because I conveniently fell asleep from the beginning of the trip till we got to Medicine Hat. Literally, as we entered the city I woke up, and my colleagues made fun of me for it.

When we got there we met with officials who took us on a tour of Medicine Hat. They took us in this green quaint train-like bus used for tours. It was even made of wood and everything, and had a lever that the driver pulled to open the door.

One of the first things I noticed was how quiet the city was. There were not many people on the street, and their downtown consists of a couple of streets. The tallest building there that I saw was an apartment building probably 18 floors, and the residential areas are scattered around the city. The city is quite industrial however, with huge companies, especially chemical and industrial ones having set up base there. They also are involved in alternate energy productions, and have huge greenhouses, solar farms and other forms of energy besides oil and gas.

There is this amazing patio at the courthouse that overlooks the river, and I just wanted to remain there all day. Close to it is a giant chess set outside on the floor with big sculpture chess pieces that you can move- they use it to encourage outdoor activities especially in the warmer months. In another part of the city was a road side attraction- the biggest teepee I believe. Going closer to it, you see the history and information about it, and it overlooks a golf course located in a valley. We also saw this cute outdoor cafe and sitting area located between two buildings.

We went to most parts of the city, and they had these huge flour mills at the centre of the city. I believe they have demolished them now or are in the process of doing so, but they were so big and looked very industrial. We also went to the clay district- the Medelta Pottery company in the city has these huge clay ovens for making bricks, and they specialize in it.

For someone used to life at a faster pace based on where I have lived, I guess coming here and seeing this as another way that real people lived was a shock for me. The officials that took us round seemed to know a lot of people in the city because when we went to the fanciest coffee shop there, so many people would just come in and greet them and say hello.

The return trip took a little over 3 hours, and by the time I got home I was quite fatigued. Driving back, I was more alert, and just seeing the rows and rows of farmlands and uninhabited areas surprised me some more.

Have an amazing rest of the month.


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  1. Hey!!! It’s my first time on your adventurous blog, nonetheless, I couldn’t but appreciate your consistency!!!
    Well done!!!


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