Post Nigeria, Return to Calgary

Hello Everyone!

I got back from Lagos almost at the end of August, and I was able to spend some time outside before the weather changed completely. I am not yet sure if I like anything about winter, but I am hoping that time will change my mind.

My church young adults group had our yearly picnic gathering, and it was so good to see people and be among them again. We went to Chestermere where they have this outdoor waterfront location – I think it was at Chestermere Lake. I got there a little late, and the fun had already started as I met them playing tug of war. I had not played tug of war in a long time so it was exciting to participate. I quickly joined the winning team, took off my sandals so as not to ruin them, and stayed in the middle to “lend my support”. I don’t think they needed me but it was nice to just hold a part of the rope and act as if my efforts were helping. As you already guessed, my team won. We played other games, ate food, danced and just generally had a good time with good people.

My department in school also had a welcome dinner for students and I went and got to see some classmates after over a year of online learning. On one of the weekdays, I went to the Beyond Van Gogh Exhibition with a friend. It was an art exhibition- more of an immersive experiential one with words, frames and projected images. The room with the immersive art was my favourite portion, as they did a slideshow of his works, writings and some other words. The graphics were projected on the walls, pillars and floor, so it was all around you. I learned a lot though about Van Gogh the artist. I wanted to get some merch with the Starry Night Painting on it, but the price sent me away and I left the place merch-less.

I also had some work orientation and meetings, one of which we did at Greta Global Street Food, a food spot. I liked the food and found the ambience of the place unique. It has an arcade/ bar/ sit down/ patio vibe, so a lot is going on inside. Our table was in an indoor-outdoor space- it was technically inside, with one side continuing from the indoor arcade part and two walls on opposite sides. It also had a pergola roof, and then the side opposite the arcade was completely open to the patio on the street. The food I ordered was flavourful and moist- I cannot remember what exactly it was, but it consisted of a lot of meat.

The weather started getting colder, but it was mostly rainy, so I used it as an excuse to shop for more clothing items and get myself some boots that I wanted.

Stay safe and stay well!


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