September, oh September

I realize I begin almost every blog post with these words…But it has indeed been a while.

First of, Happy My Birthday Month!!! We are in September, my birthday month and my favourite month after December ( because of Christmas and family).

Secondly, can we please take a minute to acknowledge the fact that I have spent 9 months in service??? This is a huge deal. Means I have 3 months left.

December is that you fam?

In the month of May I went to Port Harcourt. Spent the weekend. Port Harcourt to me was like Lagos, but less traffic and smaller roads. And soot. There’s soot in the air. Oh yes, and cheaper movie prices. I love movies so you can be sure I took advantage of the price. Went there two times. My friend and I watched Deadpool 2 and then Avengers Infinity War. Also, the road from Abakaliki to Port Harcourt stops being good after one leaves Ebonyi state.

We need new government.

Shortly after my mini holiday to Port Harcourt I received awesome news. I got into school for my masters! Due to this NYSC *sigh* I had to defer so my 8 months are not in vain. If not I would have been in the Obodo Oyibo by now. But…it is not about what you want really but about what is good for you. Sensei has spoken.

Then I went to Lagos.

Went to quite a number of food places with friends. Crust and Cream in Victoria Island…the place is pretty. They have this courtyard thing at the center so you have a wonderful view from your table. Insufficient parking though. Their food was nice. I had waffles and ice cream. And a croissant. I know…That’s not food. But I wanted waffles…plus it was one of the cheapest things on the menu.😁

Went to Krispy Kreme in Victoria Island. I love chocolates, sweets, ice cream… in fact anything that has sugar, I’m in. But their doughnuts were on another level. They had nice service and FREE doughnuts when the red light came on on the kitchen wall, but I could only eat about 3. 😭. It was that sugary. I liked their building though with the free WiFi and mini outdoor sitting area.

I also went to Pink Berry for frozen yoghurt. I forget the flavours I had. But I had 4 toppings guys. And chocolate was 2 of the toppings. I still love Sweet Kiwi, but Pink berry has secured a spot in my heart with their numerous toppings, overly excited workers and the measured quantities and prices.

My favourite place though was KMAC grill on Admiralty in Lekki phase 1. It was a nice experience. They have like various prices for the different sized boxes of grilled food. Corn, turkey, chicken, sausage, sweet potatoes…it was a fest.

My restaurant hustle would not be complete however without the purchase of the one and only sharwarma. I think I had sharwarma 6 times in a very short time span. My excuse every time in my head is that sharwarma has vegetables so it’s extremely healthy.

I also went around Abakaliki as well when I returned from Lagos. I found another sharwarma place. It was not a nice experience. Imagine leaving town with your purchase in hand and thinking…”ohhh I’m going to eat like a queen this night”- I even bought ice cream to celebrate the fact rhat i found another sharwarma place- and then getting home and tasting what I tasted. I was…distraught. But I bounced back quickly. Went to my usual Crunchies. Bought two to make up for the one mistake. Even if they don’t make it as awesome as I get at home.

Went to eat at a restaurant called Vegas. My corp member uniform paid off that day. Someone paid for my keke ride to my local government. And at Vegas someone paid for my meal. Saying something about how when he was a corp member he was treated really well and he wanted to pass on the favour. He really urged me to take the chicken and any other thing I wanted. A part of me wished I did. I was forming polite and I just got the basics- rice, beans stew and water. Didn’t even get the chicken😭.

It’s looking as if what I have been doing was eating, but it isn’t like that. Don’t mind me. It is. Although I did other stuff. I started making Ankara books, I went for graduations, a naming ceremony, I practiced pencil drawing among other things I got involved in. I also watched Me before You and the Greatest Showman multiple times.

I am gradually counting down to the end of this NYSC year and I can say that I accomplished a few of my goals. There is still a little time before the year ends so let’s see how it goes.

This year is almost over. What have you learnt? I like to write out my goals for each day, week, year. What goals have you achieved that you set?

Till next time,


5 Replies to “September, oh September”

  1. Loving the swag (in your pictures) at the beginning of the post.
    Hope you have drawn the map of Nigeria with all this travelling?!😢😧 Travelling (especially within the country) is such a big deal for me but, here you are hopping from one place to the other😩

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