Saturdays Are For?

One of the many fountains in the state capital

Hello everyone!

How was your week? Mine was beautiful. I received some form of good news that I am hoping would be perfected by the beginning of May. There was also a state wide public holiday on Friday, so no work. Hey hey!

Also can we just pause and talk about Beychella for a while? So I watched it this week mainly due to curiosity as some of my friends on a WhatsApp group decided to carry it on their heads and argue about it. May I let you know that I was highly impressed. Impressed is too mild a word actually. I’m still living off the euphoria from the performance. Like this morning, I did a little ” I slay, I slay, I slay” dance in front of the mirror. I would have been banned from dancing ever if my audience at that moment was more than the heavenly hosts and me.

So…how I spent my weekend, although it’s not over.

Today, I decided to go out even though the sun was like “girl, I’m out for you today”. I made up, dressed up and set out. Firstly I went for a wedding with my hostess. Now for those of us that live in Lagos, Saturdays are for what? Saturdays are for weddings. That’s where everyone that just collected their clothes from the seamstress comes to show off their latest styles. It is not so here. Saturdays are still for weddings but not so much. It’s more of a ‘we have other things to do’ day here. And the wedding attendees do not take dressing as personal as Lagosians.

Church ceremony

I left at the end of the church ceremony and went to my main destination- Ebonyi Amusement Park. I cannot exactly say what I was expecting but my expectations- whatever they were- were cut short. Maybe today, a Saturday by 2pm, people didn’t want to go there because no ride was on.

The place is maintained because people go there to drink beer and take pepper soup, but as for the major reason why they set it up, it was not functional today. So not that I was going to go on the rides (who am I lying to? I was hoping there would be some for adults) but all the rides that were there were kiddie rides. And they were not on.

So as not to waste my make up and my dress, I took myself out to Crunchies, the major fast food restaurant in Abakaliki. The place is alright. Their food is way cheaper than Lagos fast food restaurants. I purchased a sausage roll, ice cream and sharwarma. The sausage was nice. The ice cream, first of all they had no cone. What is the point of ice cream if it cannot be eaten in a cone??? Secondly they brought the already dispensed ice cream in the open cup out of the freezer. I was about to complain but I noticed that that was the method they used so I let it go. Also the ice cream was 50naira more expensive than my usual Shuttles cone ice cream at home but let us continue. The ice cream was not pretty I would not lie. It looked like ice and water. But when I tasted it it was actually not bad. I mean I’ve definitely had better, but as they say, “na condition dey make crayfish bend” and as such, I may go back another time for ice cream.

The sharwarma was good too but very messy. The filling was more than the wrap and I literally started picking the chicken and beef and the vegetable pieces one by one.

Thank God I bought it to go. Imagine me battling the food and trying to form and comport myself properly in public at the same time. And I would have smeared my lip stick. Oh the horror!

Do you see the filling?

When I got home I watched Captain America- the First Avenger. This movie makes me cry at the part where Captain Rogers decides to be a hero and leaves Agent Carter dateless. For 70 years. My chest.

Till next time,

I slay!


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