Life Continued

Hello Everyone!

It has been ages! Checking through the posts, I realized that the last one was in January and I just went AWOL after that. I am sure you are tired of my apologies and are just waiting for the next write up. Just to reiterate, I apologize for my disappearance. School was very stressful this past year and coupled with the online education process, my activities dwindled down to sleeping, eating, working and schooling.

There were a few extra things that happened in between so let me give you details of those things that occurred in my life:

Like I said, classes moved online and I was indoors almost 24/7. It seemed as though because school was online, it demanded a lot more from me because it felt like I had a lot more to prove. There were some days though that I found time to change up the routines a little bit as COVID and its restrictions would permit. For a long time, restaurants and other going out places were closed but things gradually opened up. During one of the cold snowy months, my friend and I decided to have a girl’s weekend after the extremely stressful weeks of school we had. Also, I like enjoyment. We should have made dinner reservations earlier because everywhere was full, but as many of us would know, procrastination is an ever-present companion, so we started scrambling for a last-minute location. Eventually, we went to The Keg Steakhouse + Bar and had dinner there. The next day we went to the spa and then went out for breakfast afterwards at one of my favourite food places, OEB Breakfast Co.

I found this bread wall that I have to share with you- the artistry and paintwork are so realistic. I wonder why the concept was bread though- either way, I love the wall.

As the weather warmed up and the semester gradually came to an end, I took more walks and just generally enjoyed the outdoors especially because I had been inside for almost a year. I went shopping, ate a lot of Mr Pretzels sugar-cinnamon pretzels and went out with friends. I went for my first drive-in movie where we watched the Princess Bride. I was really fascinated with how it was showing on the big screen outside and the audio was coming from the radio channel we were told to tune into in our cars. There were also food trucks and I got churros and lemonade. I also did a lot of baking- I made bread for the first time and made meat pies a few more times.

Spending time with friends and family as much as possible has been the highlight of my year because if there is anything I have learned from the past year, it is that every moment is precious. The travel hiatus that occurred because of covid prevented me from seeing family for a long time and it was not the best.

In all, I am thankful for life, for family, for friends, for faith, for the fact that I can write and share these things with you all, for new places to see and for the bright future that awaits me.

My newest mode of salutation is writing cheers, so


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