Keeping up with Summer and Fall 2020

Hello Everyone!


Since COVID is still COVIDing, I have been reliving some highlights of my summer and fall. I explored Calgary with a few friends as socially distanced as possible. This post will consist of mostly pictures so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy this post!

One one occasion I went for breakfast and then to Devonian Gardens with a friend. Breakfast was at Brekkie, and Devonian Gardens is in the Core shopping mall downtown. Brekkie’s food is really good and the atmosphere of the restaurant is so calming and natural. They also provide work areas for people to stay and work or study. Due to covid, there were some restrictions, and customers had to wait for seating areas to be fully sanitized after each use before being seated.

Picture by Tolu

I had been to the Core previously, but I had no idea that a whole indoor garden with ponds was located on the top floor. There is even a glass walkway connecting the two sides of the garden. Due to covid, the playground in the garden, as well as other interactive portions of it were closed, but it was still amazing to be in the garden and see the fish, water fixtures and art installations.

In fall semester for one of my architecture courses, I explored the downtown neighbourhood of East Village and other surrounding areas. Its proximity to the Bow River, which allowed for the Riverwalk beside it is one of the area’s best features.

Watching the leaves change colour with the season was a highlight, as the change from green to red or yellow still amazes me irrespective of how many times I witness it.

Later, my family friends and I went for lunch at Earl’s – if you go to Earl’s order the steak or sirloin or ribs. At this time, restrictions were eased and there were restaurant guidelines in place. The menu for example, was no longer physical but a qr code that one could scan with their device. Sitting was spaced out and empty tables surrounded each customer group to facilitate social distancing.

In October we went to the Calgary Zoo. It had just started snowing so it was a little chilly. Calgary zoo is amazing- there are so many animals, and the zoo is divided into portions to create several experiences. For example, there is the prehistoric part, with replicas of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures everywhere, and there is the Canadian wildlife portion with animals such as bison. I saw so many animals, from fish to rhinos to camels to flamingos to caribou to different types of penguins in a huge penguin sanctuary! The fishy smell of the penguin enclosure is overpowering, but it is worth the discomfort because the ambience of the place coupled with the penguins playing is extremely fascinating. When going there be prepared to walk a lot because the zoo is a large walking experience. A lot of interactive spots for eating were closed due to covid though. In December, the zoo puts on a show called Zoolights, so there is something for every time of the year.

I am really grateful for the memories that were made in 2020 and the time spent with friends and family. Cheers to a better and an amazing 2021 filled with health, wisdom and better opportunities for everyone.

Welcome to 2021!

Till next time,


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