January 2019- Lagos Living

Happy New Year!

Traffic in Lagos😭 is one thing I did not miss. The East was so free and nobody was ever in a hurry to get anywhere. In December there were so many music concerts, and I can unashamedly say that I did not attend even one. I was in my house watching Netflix and Irokotv, eating chicken and drinking water.

This is the fastest January in the history of Januarys, but we continue. How has the new year been? Mine has been memorable. I went for a wedding, I visited friends and I learnt new things. However I lost a friend of mine who had a road accident. *A moment of silence for this Angel* A lot of deaths in Nigeria can be prevented by putting basic amenities in place.

We need new government.

Nigeria’s elections are fast approaching and a lot is happening. At this point one can only advice that everyone, especially corp members who would be manning the ballot boxes, be more alert and safety conscious, and that everyone who is voting should vote wisely. Do not let anyone oppress you or coerce you.

This is my first month post NYSC and I can say that it has it’s own issues, especially if you did not have a job lined up prior to passing out from service. Your finances have dwindled😫 and everybody you meet is asking “so what are you doing”? after only one month.🙄 This is an opportunity however to get involved in other things while you are job searching. There are courses to take and skills to learn, among other things. You can even volunteer at a place or for a cause you value. The internet becomes an extremely close friend at this point because a lot of information is available on it.

On Netflix I watched Lionheart. I have a special place in my heart for Nigerian movies, especially the ones that promote the culture positively. Lionheart by Genevieve Nnaji is one of them. My best part of watching the movie was that I could relate to the places and the language because I just spent one whole year in Eastern Nigeria. I recommend everyone watch this movie.

I haven’t really gone out this January. Mostly because my bank account has been looking at me in shock. But things would change soon. I’ve been saving and investing, as this is one of my goals for the year. Investments are available in many forms. There are farming investments such as Thrive Agric and Farmcrowdy

There are also the more conventional ones like money market funds, lands, shares, etc. The internet is a good place to obtain information. However, beware of scams.

In February I have some restaurants on my list to visit. I also plan to purchase all the sharwarma that I could not eat in January.

Are there restaurants or places in Lagos that you recommend I should visit? Comment below and let me know. Please not too expensive. I cannot break the bank on top food and enjoyment.

Till next time,

Stay Safe!


3 Replies to “January 2019- Lagos Living”

  1. Lmao! This post really cracked me up😂; from the ‘eating chicken and drinking water’ cos these guys don’t know what the fowl community suffer at your hands (judging from my last trip)
    Anyway, I hope the account is no longer in shock?😅😅

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