The One with the Museums

The lady with the lamps


Friday is here!! How was your week? The month of October is gradually coming to an end along with my holiday. Last week was somewhat full of activity, let me tell you how it went.

On Tuesday I went to Long beach with my aunt for a lecture at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Unfortunately the aquarium was closed so I couldn’t go round and see fish, but the lecture was very interesting and very enlightening. See how smart that last sentence sounded. Proof of the efficacy of the lecture. It was on the power of moments, and I got a free book. I have a new author interest now- the writing duo, Chip and Dan Heath, and I have my aunt to thank for that.

The rest of the week was spent shopping, preparing my graduate application documents and eating Hershey’s cookies and creme chocolate. I think I have single handedly boosted Hershey’s sales in that department. The quantity I have consumed in the past few weeks is worthy of awards.

On Saturday I went with my cousin to La Brea tar pits and Museum. It is located downtown on Museum Row near some other museums. So the tar pit is basically a pit filled with tar that the government decided to leave in its natural state and not mine. Rather, they turned it into a sightseeing spot. They placed statues of animals in and around it for aesthetic purposes. So there is an elephant inside who thought the tar pit was water and after she entered she got stuck and was crying for help from her family who is standing helplessly on the shore. Very realistic. There is also a mammoth on the opposite side of the shore.

After that I went to the LACMA. It stands for Los Angeles County Museum of Art. General admission fee is $15 for adults but there are other prices and discounts available and all. There are statues everywhere. There is also this exhibition made up of street lamps- the best place for pictures. At night, the lamps are on and it is very beautiful, but I went during the day so the sun could be my filter for my pictures. There is also a sloping tunnel which at the deepest point a rock is balanced precariously overhead. It is well supported- I went to check- but it is still scary nonetheless. Inside the museum are paintings and art works. There is this miniature city ensemble, with roads, buildings and moving cars and trains.

On Sunday I went to church at Hillsong LA. It was a beautiful service, with music and words that edified. From there I went to the Getty Museum.

Time for a little history. The Getty Museum in LA was designed by Richard Meier, an architect I admire because he designed iconic buildings and most of them are white or shades of white. I have a love for white buildings. The Getty is like a mixture of white and off white. It is a sprawling complex, with a research center, a museum, gardens and some other facilities. It is LEED certified, meaning it has taken energy efficiency to another level. I saw works of art, sculpture, statues and all sorts. The view from any of the various balconies is breathtaking, as the building overlooks the city of Los Angeles. Admission is free but you pay for parking. A tram takes you from the carpark to the center.

My Sunday exploits did not end there. My aunt and I drove through UCLA- University of California Los Angeles, one of the schools I am thinking about applying to for a masters’ program. I did not enter into any of the buildings but I would definitely go back there before my holiday ends.

I plan to spend the last few days visiting campuses and a few other places on my list, spending time with family and eating. Also, one of my cousins is coming home so I am really looking forward to seeing her. There is at least one more LA post after this. Have a lovely weekend. Till next time,

I just want you all to see my hair!


4 Replies to “The One with the Museums”

  1. Amazing work Ajala 👏🏾👏🏾
    Didn’t really appreciate museums before I read this, but I’m definitely visiting museums in the nearest future.


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