Can I just say…Human beings are awesome.



This is my first write up on the blog (yay me!).

In the past few days, I have moved from one continent to another and to yet a third. I’m not complaining, but I admit it was slightly stressful, especially when I woke up on the plane from London to Los Angeles for the 10th time and realized that we still had not arrived at our destination. I was four-five seconds from crying.

My first journey was from Lagos, Nigeria to London, England. Now I am still of the belief that there are still wonderful people in the world, even though the daily happenings and bad news that I constantly hear about are beginning to alter my innocent perspective. However, this journey has served to restore my faith in the human race. Firstly, the person I flew with was super nice to me. I have never flown alone before, so this is a new experience for me. Anyway, she put me through, helped me get checked in and even got me into the lounge at the Nigerian airport. Let me just say, money is good. Prior to this time, I had never been to an airport lounge before.

When I landed, and I was trying to make my way to Finsbury Park via train- with two suitcases- I met even nicer people. Three complete strangers helped me carry my suitcases up and down the stairs even though they were obviously rushing to get to their destinations. I didn’t even ask them for help. They just noticed that I needed help and they made themselves available.

Now most memorable encounter occurred when I was looking for the store from where my aunt was coming to get me. Remember I had two suitcases. So I was dragging them down the road looking for Lidl. I get to this coffee shop- I do not even know the name- and I ask the waiter/ shop keeper there for directions. He is really polite to me, and even offers me a seat and food while I try to get my bearing. Then he begins to converse with me, asking questions like, how old are you and where are you from and do you have a boyfriend. He guessed where I was from correctly (well, his third guess, the first two being Jamaica and Ghana). The highlight of my conversation with him- he asks if I want to be his girlfriend. I was shocked.  And then he tells me he’s looking for an African/ Black girlfriend. Anyway, as I am contemplating where to go from there, an Asian man walks by and the shop keeper greets him in Arabic- Peace be unto you- and then proceeds to ask him on my behalf for directions in Arabic as well. I know because I heard Lidl in the conversation. That new man then takes me to where I can see the store. Turns out it was the other side of where I just came from. I just did not see it.

Imagine my frustration.

So, yes, I am more cautious and conscious of where I go and who I interact with, but this journey has helped to reinforce my belief that there are nice people in the world. And they all deserve recognition for this. So, CHEERS to you and your selfless acts of love.

I am now in California, U.S.A and I would be writing more about my holiday experience. Till my next post, have an awesome day!!!


12 Replies to “Can I just say…Human beings are awesome.”

  1. I’m so proud of this write up and it’s interesting. And I’ve gained some more hope in the human race too; that positivity still circles among us.


  2. This is beautiful. I’m glad someone thinks like me. Despite all I’ve seen in Lagos, I still believe that humans are awesome 🤷. Thanks for reinforcing my belief. Cheers, baby girl.

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  3. Great piece!…already sounds like its going to be really cool exploring the world with you via your blog and write ups. I love ur documentation for a first write up. Keep it up dear. At the end there are still awesome people all over the world

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