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California Dreaming
California Dreamin’

Hey hey!

It’s November already! Christmas is a’coming.

While still in Los Angeles, I went for some Zumba classes (as per fitfam and what not). I also finally watched The Office. I cried when Michael Scott was leaving and in the final epsiode, when the series came to an end.

So, as the globetrotter that I am aspiring to become, I went to several more museums. On my last trip to LA, I visited the LACMA, the Getty Museum, the La Brea Tar Pits and some others. This time, I went to the MOCA and the Broad museum.

The first one, the MOCA stands for Museum of Contemporary Art. Located downtown in Los Angeles, this is the most modern museum I have ever been to. I love museums, and going to museums shows that you appreciate the culture and are aware of the times. It’s a double bonus for me- I gain knowledge and I am more socially conscious (I’m #woke, guys). However in this particular location, sincerely, I could not for the life of me wrap my head around most of the art showcased there. Did I enjoy going around and observing? Yes, yes I did. Did I understand what I was observing? No, no I did not. Entry is not free but they have student rates, member rates and other rates depending. There was a room with a display of strobe lights and a screen showcasing several edited images. In the room was a single minimalist bench for viewers to sit. There were also some installations done with stretched tights. Kudos to the artists, but this was above me.

The second museum I went to was the Broad museum, also located downtown. First of all, the building. The building is a work of art. It was designed by architecture firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro. Entry is free, but it is advisable to book online as opposed to just showing up. This is because most times, the lines at the door are very long and so entry is based on if one booked or not.

The Broad from Across the Street
The Broad Museum (image by me)

The exhibitions here were of varying scales and art media. There were light effects exhibitions, paintings, sculptures and my favourite, the large dining table set. Moving through the building itself is an experience because you get to pass through different areas with varying materiality. Unfortunately, I am not sure I can upload the interior images I took because there are rules on the website, so here are some from the internet.

Image result for the broad museum
image from:
Interior Main Gallery, Third FloorThe Broad MuseumCopyright Arup
image from:

My images can be viewed on my Instagram page, thank you.

I also visited the Walt Disney Concert Hall located beside the Broad Museum. It is also known as the Los Angeles Philharmonic Centre. for musical performances and concerts. I was only able to access some particular parts of the building and I am not sure why. There was also no performance going on there at that time. I was able to climb to the topmost part of the building and enjoy the surrounding view.

Image result for walt disney concert hall
image from:
LA Philharmonic Centre
LA Philharmonic (the Walt Disney Concert Hall)
The Rose Fountain
There is a Flower Fountain in the Centre
Inscription on the Fountain
The Rose Inscription
View from Above
The spaces between- View from up high

I went for candy at See’s candies– a chocolate manufacturing company and shop. The store’s interior had this old 1950s vibe and it was simply amazing. I also had the privilege to be a part of a photoshoot production. I got to witness behind the scenes activities and meet the models and the production team.

Just so you all know, I’m posh now.

Till next time,



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