Summer Trip to Banff- What to know

Banff Gondola

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How are you? I am posting this a week after to make up for the last few months of no posting, so please accept my offering.

In a previous post I wrote about my amazinday trip to Banff park with friends. In this post I will be sharing some things that will help you if you are coming to Banff, Alberta in the summer for a trip. There are options to do more than a day trip, stay at the resorts and have a full holiday, but my friends and I were there for the day alone.

Below are some things to note when coming to Banff in the summer.

– A trip to Banff to me is best enjoyed with people, so if you can, try to go with people. However you will enjoy it either way so go on your trip!

-Dress appropriately. In August it was really hot and dry (over 25C). Wear outfits you can walk for long periods in. Wear comfortable shoes. I repeat, wear comfortable shoes. Carry sunshades especially for the skywalk and higher elevations.

-Carry a bottle of water with you. You will walk a lot and move to higher altitudes, and you will need the water so as not to be dehydrated. Also be aware that the air is thinner because of the higher altitudes, and the higher you get the thinner the air.

-There are fees to enter Banff park. If you choose to continue driving down the highway and continuing towards Lake Louise, or just to seeing the mountains you do not have to pay, but you will go down the that joins the highway as opposed to driving into the Park. Updated fees can be found on the website. The fees do not cover the gondola rides or purchasing food or bus rides. It gives you access to the park, which in itself is amazing.

– On entering Banff park, if you drove and you intend to park to take the bus, there are sites to help you locate empty parking lots from the gate to the town.

-Ensure you read the signs around town, as some places are parking for a certain period and some are parking for longer.

-When boarding the bus to take you to the Gondola ride, ensure you have exact change in coins for the bus. Surprisingly this is the only mode of payment for bus rides. If you do not have, you can easily enter one of the numerous gift shops or fast food places to purchase something and request for change. The same applies for the bus back. Ensure you have your exact change.

-Ensure you check the websites before you go and pre-book things before getting there as Banff is a highly visited destination.

-There is so much to see and do, so ensure you enjoy yourself and make the most of the day.

-Obey all the signs that are around the park. They are there for your safety and the safety of the wildlife and workers in the area.

I hope these have been helpful. Ensure you are staying safe!

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